I would like to introduce a new project called SKYBOX which is giving a new face to one of the most popular city districts of Bratislava – Petržalka.

The main idea underlying this project was creating a modern way of housing which would be interesting thanks to its timeless architecture and trendy design and would fulfil the function of high-quality and comfortable housing at the same time. A project combining compelling architecture with generous spaces and 128 trendy apartments has evolved. However, SKYBOX concerns not only housing but it is also a project representing modern way of life, an opportunity how to show your taste and present your trendy style.

I have imagined SKYBOX as an interesting project in terms of architecture right from the beginning and therefore I have invited a new team of renowned architects to join. Thanks to this cooperation  a high-quality multifunctional building has arisen in Petržalka. When building it we concentrated on a complex result. However, emphasis on completion of all the details has been condition for creating the project SKYBOX.

I feel pretty confident about the project SKYBOX. Without doubt, we are speaking about a first-quality building with timeless architecture. You will certainly appreciate useful services this object offers. Besides a sufficient number of parking places SKYBOX includes also a grocery store, café, hairdresser, bank and post office and a fitness centre.

To provide living in the centre of all happenings we have situated the project SKYBOX into the centre of Petržalka where you have everything within reach. You don't have to travel far to the water dam of Bratislava, the Draždiak lake, schools and health care centres, shops, services... The city centre is also just at a stone's throw from here.

If you want to find out more about SKYBOX you are welcome to join and enjoy the atmosphere of this project life in Petržalka on Pajštúnska street. I am looking forward to showing you the place.
Mgr. Róbert Turanský
REALCORP group owner



Project SKYBOX is an example that also in Slovakia we are capable to match up modern housing and non-conventional architecture. We are inspiration for your creative and comfortable apartment.

We are here for you

  • if you like design and you would like to express yourself and live in a multifunctional building with innovative architecture,
  • if you want to own a high standard real estate which will attract attention,
  • if you need to invest into a real estate which will not lose its value in the future,
  • if you want to conquer Bratislava and create trendy and comfortable home in this town,
  • or if you are looking for a new address in Petržalka which would be worth it. 

Financing which makes it real

Project SKYBOX offers you financing which makes it real! We are flexible at sale and can fully consider your needs and financial situation.

We can suggest and optimise the best possible solution when arranging and providing financing by mortgage. If needed, the bank“Poštová banka” can provide attractive financing.

Výhody, pre ktoré sa oplatí požiadať o úver od Slovenskej sporiteľne:

  • 100 % zľava zo spracovateľského poplatku.
  • Zvýhodnená úroková sadzba:
    • o 0,3 % za financovanie v projekte;
    • o 0,5 % za poukazovanie príjmu na účet v SLSP aspoň vo výške 1,5-násobku splátky úveru minimálne 250 € a splácanie úveru inkasom z účtu v SLSP;
    • o 0,2 % za poistenie úveru.
  • Bez predloženia Znaleckého posudku – nehnuteľnosť je ohodnotená znalcom banky.
  • Čerpanie úveru na základe vyznačenia plomby na LV a potvrdeného návrhu na vklad záložného práva.
  • Mimoriadne ročné splátky vo výške 10 % z istiny – bez poplatku pri fixácií 3, 5, 10 rokov.

Flat offers


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Creators of the project SKYBOX are no beginners in the field of architecture. Each of them has completed several successful projects they imparted their unique identity to. If you are familiar with the architecture of  ELESKO wine park in Modra, Design hotel in Bratislava, residential complex Boria or Villa Cosmopolitan you have already seen results of their work.

During creation of the project SKYBOX the architects have paid attention mainly to details and high-quality work with outstanding materials. They started a game of sleek and daring shapes at the same time. The result: design and architecture of elegant grandiosity. This project is daring as well as pleasant.

Co-authors of architecture

“Our goal is decent and democratic housing for everybody. We create sustainable, timeless architecture.

We are architects creating for people. We are forming new genius loci of Petržalka – unique atmosphere, spirit of the place. SKYBOX means new, modern living in familiar surroundings. These are apartments where you just would like to live.”

Ing. arch. Kalin Cakov

“We have used other solutions instead of the commonly used floor area ratios to meet all the current housing requirements. ”

Ing. arch. Metodyi Monev

“With the project SKYBOX we have brought a wide range of apartments. Every apartment has comfortably designed interior with loggia and a big terrace. ”

Ing. arch. Ján Obušek


If you want to find out more, come and convince yourself directly in Petržalka. Our salesmen will be pleased to take care of your apartment tour.

Mobile phone: 0911 444 554, 0903 553 929 | E-mail:

GPS: 48.110927, 17.102988
Pajštúnska 26, Bratislava 851 02
Slovak Republic


Mobil: 0911 444 554, 0903 553 929



You can exclusively take advantage of extraordinary discounts in the SKYBOX club only as an occupant of SKYBOX. From now on, every flat owner in SKYBOX has the opportunity to enjoy a discount on products sold in TPD NÁBYTOK, EURONICS and ORION shops. Save your money for example when furnishing your new kitchen or living room.  You can enjoy the above mentioned discounts without any restrictions until the end of this offer.

Household goods – 20%
Leather sofas – 20%
Kitchen – 20% + voucher for next purchase
Living rooms – 10%
Electrical equipment 5 – 10% (not valid for super sales)
Lightings ORION – 10%

You can enjoy discounts in TPD NÁBYTOK and EURONICS shops only in the shop in Bratislava EURONICS TPD in the Farského 26 street.

When applying 10% discount on lightings ORION you have to provide certified customer benefit card („Zákaznícka karta výhod“) which you obtain as a bonus when purchasing your flat. You can find the ORION shop in the Vajnorská street 97 in Bratislava.

TPD Nábytok Euronics Orion Slovakia
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Miss Slovakia 2013 – Karolína Chomisteková – has already taken over keys to her new 3-room flat. The charming winner can live in this fully furnished flat in SKYBOX for the whole year for free.

She can enjoy not only the space of nearly 100 m2 which is equipped with modern appliances, kitchen unit and trendy furniture but also the fact that her new flat is located not far from her university.

Keys to the new flat were handed to Miss Slovakia 2013 by representatives of the company Realcorp Development.

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